November 4 – December 31 2019  | Cambria Center for the Arts features my limited edition collection of cold assembly insects.


Winter 2019  | Silver Maples Gallery 100 featured works by artists whose work focuses on the theme “RE”. My contribution was a series of flux boxes entitled RE*COLLECTION: An American Post-war Childhood.

28 July – 8 September 2017  |  Elizabeth Lane Oliver Center for the Arts: Bugs, Birds and Beasts. Nineteen found object assemblages that feature over 50 insects and arachnids were featured in this group show of eight 2D and 3D artists. Click here for more information.

2017 Silver Maples Gallery 100: Animal Crackers. Included two large soft sculptures.

2016 Silver Maples Gallery 100: Bugs, Birds and Beasts. Participated with a talented group of local artists who presented various perspectives on the beauty and wonder of our planet’s wildlife. Press and photos.

2015 Silver Maples Gallery 100: Motorcycle Mamas. This installation included six life-size dolls posed on vintage motorcycles. The exhibit, which included paintings, drawings, photography and handmade dolls, focused on the history of pioneering women in motorcycling during the late 19th and early 20th centuries. Press and photos.

2014 Silver Maples Gallery 100: Maker Dolls. This installation of 27 character dolls was inspired by my interest in today’s maker movement and the art of doll-making.

2013  Silver Maples Gallery 100: Abstract Paintings: Complexities + Complications.

2011 University of Michigan Duderstadt Center Gallery. Abstract Paintings: Complexities + Complications. This series of paintings arose from my thoughts about complexities related to being human.