Whittaker AstroBot #2

wab#2.1What better way to honor Prof. William L. “Red” Whittaker than to make an astrobot inspired by his work. Whittaker is well known as Chief Scientist of the Robotics Engineering Consortium At Carnegie Mellon University. What I love about his work is that his robots reference the strengths and characteristics of insects. I’ve added a 1950s campy sci-fi film component to make a six-legged candidate for a walk on the moon.

His hair is clearly on fire due to the excitement he feels when anticipating a lunar landing.

WAB#2 is assembled without glue from a vintage camera, clock parts, vintage fasteners and springs, vintage eyeglasses, recycled beads, wood, wire, a kitchen whisk, and wool.

He is a purely decorative robot, and is not automated.


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